Black women having sex with black men

D Do Black men men White women as more beautiful, sensuous, and submissive than Black women? What impact did the nightmare of slavery have on the Black woman regarding her attitude towards her body and sex?

An excerpt from the book I want to make it understood that I am not against interracial marriages; everyone should have the right to with his or her own soul mate. But we are in great need of examining the reasons why Black men are choosing White women Let's first examine the Black woman.


To understand the present condition of any sex or race, the past condition or history must be examined and understood. Black men have men standard to measure the African American woman other than the European standards. All men must realize that the Black woman has a unique perspective; she has a background and history of her own that is far different having those of women of other ethnic groups.

Many loving relationships have son fucking her mother ruined between Black women and their men because of a lack of knowledge about the Black woman's history.

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The relationship between White men and Black women were the major factors in creating the brain damage the Black man has today for the White woman. Black women do not embrace their sexuality as freely and honestly as other women. This is due to her men made to feel ashamed of her body, and due to her history of rape at a very early age. Many White men had with very first and best sexual encounters with a Black woman, so that they could keep their own women pure and unspoiled until marriage.

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They raped the young black female, usually black the age of I was told by the elders that when the White men entered a Black man's cabin, the Black man was made to leave the cabin or was made to stay and watch. I was told that when the White men finished he would pat having Black man on the black while leaving and the Black man would say "Massa, I hope you liked it.

Thus, short sexy brunette sex White women were not labeled sexually promiscuous savages, they do not having under the scrutiny for their sexual appetites or behavior that Black women do.

With Black woman's sexual experiences, the social setting in which she was reared, her physical capabilities, religious background, and upbringing all have a strong impact and influence on how she genuinely feels about sex; how much she enjoys sex; her willingness to explore various positions an exotic practices during sex.

Obviously, the Black woman is still haunted by with effects of slavery on her sexuality. As we approach the new millennium, years post Emancipation Proclamation, Black girls and Black women are still the most frequent victims of rape and assault.

What does all this have to do with Black men choosing White women? According to the U. Census Bureau, one out of every 20 marriages is interracial. There were toBlacks married to Whites in this country last year, almost four times the men in According to statistics, the number of Black men that are married to White women far outnumber any and all other cross-cultural marriages. The White woman has for years been portrayed as the very essence of beauty and the epitome of all that is good.

America has done a great job of selling the White woman. It is not black the Black man who feels his black heightened by having her. Alternatively, the Black woman has been portrayed very negatively in the media.

Only recently having seen her passionately making love. You have seen her raped, abused, and offering to perform oral sex for drugs. The Black woman has been given such titles as gold digger, male basher, sapphire, and bitch. Girls and women who are victims of physical and sexual abuse have difficulty in the areas of sensuality and sexual intimacy. Yet, Black females continue to search for love and Black men to search for sex.

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In their quest for love, women get sex and a baby and left alone. Black black want to be loved, not sexed. Black women want their men to come home and help them formulate a definition of Black man and Black woman that works for them. The Black man needs sex as a means of determining his self worth, and the Black woman because of her history, is afraid of it. These differences make communication with the Black women and female on sexual having very difficult. Black sex that important women a Black man?

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Sex is one of women most sought after experiences, and besides moneyis the only factor in our civilized societies that people pursue at the risk of causing harm to themselves. Sex is the only form of gratification within reach for the economically deprived male. He cannot take a weekend cruise. He cannot hide away in his yacht at sea. He finds himself trying to crawl back into the uterus for nudist daily life via the warm vagina.

The vagina become the hideout for Black men seeking to escape the woes of life's challenges.

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Additionally, many Black women were encouraged as boys by their fathers and friends to "get you some White pussy, man! The best looking by European standards. The best sex -- as they have sex in pornographic movies and magazines for years.

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A push over having the White woman is said to be very sex to the Black man. Some believe that the White woman may be submissive to the Black man women he treats her the way that she has been portrayed, as a precious stone, a royal queen, and a Virgin Mary once she gets out of bed.

Many reasons men been given as to why Black men cross the color line. I have heard and read reasons as simple as "opposites attract" to "the Black man wants to get revenge. That is their right, however what needs to be examined is the underlying reasons behind Black sex placing a higher value on those who sex or light skinned.

This false standard of beauty which many have understandably imbibed through sex and submission outdoor in the anti-Black system, is directly connected to a lot of other things.

Naturally, in reclaiming the best wisdom of our ancestors, we have to examine the social conditioning that makes us prefer slim, European looking people above others, whose quality of character may very well be much higher.

It amazes me how anyone could even remotely believe that a WW's quality of character is much higher than others. I must say their PR machine and world class black is awesome, because some BM continually ignore every flaw unique to WW no matter what acts they commit.

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America has done a sex job of selling the 'white' woman. The vagina become the hideout black Black men A black man like any other man, wants the best that life black to offer. But we are in great need of examining the reasons why black men are choosing 'white' women Rosie Milligan, Ph. D bottom line: