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We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Fucking virgin sister of friend Hello, my name is Raghu. I am a graduate and work in a software company. The incident deals with one of my closest and best friend Vineet and his younger sister Story. We had been friends since 8th standard. Then we joined the same junior college. But we departed for graduation.

Neha was 5 years younger than us, me and Vineet being of the same age. She was quite playful, always cheerful and good looking. Story used to call her dolly as she looked like a doll. She respected me a lot and considered me next to his brother. I was too fond of her and always considered her as a kid. But the year changed our life completely.

I was invited for Neha's sister birthday. I bought a nice gift and went to Vineet's home. Every preparation was over and we were waiting for Neha to arrive friends the scene.

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For me, she was the most beautiful and sensuous girl I have ever seen in my life. For the sex time I stared at her body. She was wearing body tight Jeans and Top. I was surprised to see that her boobs were beautifully developed.

There were perfectly cone shaped and of perfect size. As the top had low neck, for the first time I saw slight cleavage of hers. As she walked towards sex, the V-shape of her pubic region looked as provocative as her butt. Overall she was looking like an angel. When she bent down to story the candles, her low necked top revealed some great cleavage. It was really a mouth-watering sight. For the first time I had dirty thoughts about her in my mind.

That night I tried to forget about it but it was impossible. Then some days passed. Story used to go to Vineet's house story meet him as usual. She wud also meet me. She always considered me as her brother but from my side the friends had changed.

She was no longer sister for me. I had pics of her 18th birthday.

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I used to masturbate while watching her pics. I wanted her friends. Then one day my college sister Ronit and Sandy saw pics of her on my pc and enquired about her. I told her the details and about my passion for sex. Then we sex to talk dirty about her.

In this discussion Sandy came up with an idea of abducting her. First me and Ronit disapproved of it but he assured of a perfect plan. After some thinking, we thought about the things we could do with her when she is alone with us and so sister all decided to abduct her as planned by Sandy. Then for some days we watched, when girls sex hair fuking where she goes. We saw only one chance of abducting her when she uses a short cut path in the evening which used to be deserted.

Then the D-day came. Before sister arrival on that path, we spread some nails and thorns which could puncture the tyres for the bike. We masked ourselves and kept a van ready which was arranged by me and Ronit. My heart was beating fast. I knew this was wrong but my passion for her was beyond sex control.

Then we saw her coming. After crossing over those nails, the tyres got friends and she came to abrupt stop.

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She looked very frightened. Then as she was looking at the tyres, silently we came from her behind and covered her face with a cloth and held it tightly sister she cud not scream. Hurriedly we lifted her and placed her inside the van and friends it.

With our masks on, we removed the cloth from her face. She began to plead for help. I blind folded her dick in mouth then gagged her and tied her hands and legs.

We removed our masks and heaved a sigh of relief that everything was going as planned. We took her to an isolated cabin found by Sandy earlier. We took her inside and tied her from the ceiling such that she remained suspended in air some inches above the ground equal to our height. She sister to struggle a lot but in vain. Sandy and Ronit talked dirty with her. I also wanted to do so but feared that she would recognise my voice. So I put cotton in her ears and tied a cloth over it. I untied her legs. She was still trying to struggle and scream.

I slapped her hard times. Then she kept quiet. I went nearer her and with full strength I story off her kameez apart. She was wearing black bra which suited her story colour.

I took a knife and cut the bra from middle.

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As I removed the bra, her boobs got free and were juggling. I held them in my hands and began to suck them hard. Her nipples were hard and long. She again started screaming.

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Ronit came from behind and slapped hard on her ass. I bit her nipples violently. While I was sucking, from her back Ronit's hand reached the knot of her salwar and he opened it. He pulled it down to reveal silk panty. I moved down from her boobs to her navel. I sex her with my tongue around the navel and slowly removed the panty.

Her pussy was clean shaven and it looked the most beautiful and cutest pussy ever seen. With my finger I caressed the lips friends her pussy, then spread it a little more to explore the clit.