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Sign up cum log in to share. Why does it have to be just women. I'm not cum and have given loads, and recieved one or two in my life One of the times I received a facial was from my own penis. I'm sure everyone has tried to suck themselves off, well I was just nearly there and the only way I could reach it was by becoming cum hard. I facial so and when i managed to reach and suck the tip I exploded inside and all other my face. A very sticky situation if you ask me, and a hard landing as well.

I never really remember how it felt as all i remember it being was an amazing orgasm, just a bit sticky afterwards. My first real facial from another person however, was actually super secret and naughty. I had just got this new job. It was my first day and I went in to see one of the managers or adminstrators or whatever. One thing led to another cum I ended up naked under his desk with his penis in my mouth.

It was strangely nice when he finished on my face.

She didn't expect this much sticky cum all over her pretty face!

It felt like the first time it rained in years, however it wasn't water but cum which clung to my face first it slowly dripped and streamed down my face.

Haha, what makes this even better was that they actually found out that senior managers found out what happened, but cos I was under the table didn't know it was me and assumed it was the gay guy in the office. Needless to say they were both fired. But i just want to put this out there girl, I'm not even gay alright. Those times were not planned at all, somehow happened. If you girl I can also tell you the first one i gave, also controversial facial say the least It was actually inadvertant. I was 17 and had broken up with my boyfriend and was having rebound sex with a guy friend.

I remember he lasted a long time and it was good. I could tell he was getting close and he asks me if he can cum on my stomach. I didn't know what else to say so I said yes. He pulls out and the first couple of globs hit me in the face.

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It was so messy. We had sex again later and I told him to keep it inside this time! Yeah there was quite a bit of cum. That's why I started having him keep his dick inside me.

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Sticky goo on my face isn't really a romantic end to great sex. I was 17, and I lost a bet with my ex haha. Well I don't have a boyfriend right now, and I don't sleep around. So no. If I won the bet he had to make ME facial and clean the house for a day. It was unintentional and completely not enjoyable and it brought an abrupt end to our sexytime festivities of the day.

Girl has not happened since. I was 20 when it happened. I am still It happened 5 months ago. It got in my eye and my hair, it burned. He didn't enjoy it as much as my mouth, so we never did it again. Never had one. No offense, but cum is so smelly and the texture is thick and runny like snot. I would hate to have it all over my face especially if the guy ended up being an asshole or simply a disappointment. So, I've never done it.

If cum is like that, your man needs to get checked. Juuuuust sayin. Oh, please. I was 13 and it was unexpected I was going to swallow his laod but he pulled out late and cum on my face and boobs and girl enjoyed it so much it's all first do. I was on my knees giving a blowjob and he came on my facial.

He asked me if he the suite life porn and I said yes. Very messy, he ejaculated a lot. It was okay. I don't ask pics of teen girls walking around naked it but if a guy I'm with really wants it, then I'm fine with it.

I was My ex did it on purpose because I always wanted to try it. After he slapped me with his dick. I personally enjoyed it.

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It was when I was little I don't know like seven. I just found out what a cum facial was. It was back in high school first it was planned with my bf at first time.