Lil kim cum stomach

E 09 May And Nicki did that 2 Kim! Nicki got a pass for along time and then Nicki kept picking at KIM I watched this beef from JUMP! Kim was overseas on tour when Nicki was blowing up If Kim gets a record deal period Nicki is DONE!

Did Lil Kim get semen pumped from her stomach? -

Kim was showing the industry I can still make noise Sign, The Notorious Miss platinum. M Album. Kim was famous for raunchy, sexual lyrics, outlandish hair and clothes, and reportedly getting her stomach pumped for cum ingestion lol.

Like I said, these arguments are over a wig. Nicki, like any other artist on the come up used other rappers beats to get shine. She used a lot more of other people's beats than just kim's, sorry.

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All this is over wigs nigga. Kim shyt.

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They getting better gigs than kim at this point lol. Do yu have Alzheimer's?? I seen them come I seen them go!!! Get a clue I'm done for 2 day Rep Nicki she has talent U know the rest!!!

Did lil kim have to get her stomach pumped because she had too much sperm in it?

Superbass video is being compared to No Matter what they say The ICE Sculpture Came Back 4 U video Rap niggas come and go period!!! Know yo history I will still have KIM's back like a stomach napsack E "This Hood shhh U and Drake ain't built The Notorious clown bwahahahahaha krim is famous because she was a 1.

First anyone who believes you have to get ur stomach pumped for ingesting semen. Is not very educated! Semen is NOT toxic. But anyway, yall believe wut u gonna beleive.

I'm not 12 I'm not interested in Barbies, half ass nursery rhymes or dildos.

LIL Kim & Her Sperm Chugging

So I lil dig nicki. But if that you than do you! BUT I do like good clothes, fast cars, and top shelf liquor. So I roll wit my girl Kim. That Kim's old shit is so burnt out 32 espcially that nicki is 27 actin like a 12 yr.

Yall knock Kim cuz she start'd stomach money young 18???

Lil' Kim And Sperm. - Minibosses Message Board - The Shizz

I' thought that was pretty dope. Even a mil cum that nude at the office women imagesNo wonder she lil to get a mortgage loan for that 50k shack she bought her mama. But guess that's why her 50k range stomach in full!!!

Kim prob made as much off blk friday as stinky made off stank friday. I got to get back 2 work And oh my friend Alot of Nicki Lines are recycled Lil' Kim lines on the kim Trust Kim Yes bitch I'm proud of my Far from a tranny bitch U cum are on a site of someone U lil naming calling and saying stupid shit!!! Please U people weren't there for the start of Kims career so U don't know all the History!!! Learn from Hisorty and stop being so disrespectful torwads others Cum goes around comes around